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The Lonely Biscuits – Everybody

Hello Hello friends,

Aujourd’hui un clip de The Lonely Biscuits, un groupe de 4 jeunes venant de Belmont University, Sam Gidley Grady Wenrich John Paterini Nick Byrd formé fin 2011.

Le son a été écrit cet été, et vient d’être publié clipé à la suite des « intempéries » de NYC…

Le billet explicatif du groupe (in english) :

« We wrote this song in the summer of 2012 in New Jersey. The song is about moving on and looking up when we cannot control the situations that we are going through. We have had a surreal experience with this song and video, considering this town is now in shambles. We were never going to release this song because we could not connect to it and did not realize the meaning in the lyrics that we had written at the time. However, after Hurricane Sandy hit, we noticed that there is something much deeper within this song that was meant to spread positivity and uplift everyone’s spirits during this time of tragedy. There has been some serious fate that has taken place while making this song and video and deciding not to release it, and we feel that it was made solely to help the victims of the storm. There is more than just our music in this song, there is love, hope, and a meaning that we did not control and cannot describe. All proceeds will be going towards helping rebuild the communities affected. Peace and Love Biscuits. »

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Producteur : ChillDude Production

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