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D-WHY – One Day (Prod. Dave Cappa)

Nouveau D-WHY !

D’après les fans assidu, le rappeur Hip-Pop (et souvent plus pop que hip) jouait One Day depuis un moment sur scène, il nous lâche aujourd’hui la version single et c’est cadeau.

Petit message du MC : “I am so excited to finally start sharing music from the eight-or-so tracks on the ‘Young, Loved, Hated & Broke‘ EP with you guys. “One Day” is a song that I’ve been playing toward the end of my shows over the past few months, and it’s gotten an amazing response from the crowds. The original song that is sampled is by Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan. It became popular overseas last year when German producer Wankelmut turned the folk song into a house hit, but it hasn’t really reached the masses in the U.S. Upon discovering that remix, I became a huge fan of the song and its melody, lyrics and message. I had it on repeat for days. I attempted to rap over the house version, but the tempo was off. After sending it to Dave Cappa, we both quickly understood what we needed to do. The result is a track that blends hip-hop, trap, EDM and folk music together. We like to call it “Folk-Trap.” People who have been following my career know that I pride myself on writing and releasing music that doesn’t adhere to genre labels. I love folk music, I love rap music. To me, this is a great marriage of both. I hope you guys enjoy. Please share it with your friends, and be ready for the ‘Young, Loved, Hated & Broke’ EP coming soon!”

D-WHY - One Day (Prod. Dave Cappa) edgm every day good music

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